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History of Lakeside Lodge

On the banks of the Island Park Reservoir off Buttermilk Road, Lakeside Lodge’s origins go back to 1891, when A. S. Trude, a Chicago judge, purchased the land where the lodge now sits, as well as a large portion of Shotgun Valley and the Elk Creek area.

Trude left the lodge, known as Loc Leven Lodge, and surrounding acreage, to his son, Dan. Dan used the lodge as a summer home for many years, but in 1948, he sold the building, on 65 acres, to Ivan P. Bills from Salt Lake City, along with an island in the reservoir Bills named I.P. Bills Island. Bills renamed the lodge Lakeside Lodge and operated it as a fishing lodge.

In 1953, Bills sold the lodge to Mel Berrett of Riverton, Utah. In 1963, Berrett sold it to Ross Covington of Rexburg, and in 1977 Covington sold it to Jim Christensen and Carl Hansen.

In the Spring of 2016, Lakeside Lodge was purchased by Blaine and Carolanne Miller.